Columbus School

Situated at the heart of New Baneshwor in Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Columbus School was initially started as a Montessori school going by the name of Laliguras Bal Batika. The school was taken over by the Columbus College after which it was renamed as Columbus School. The school aims to provide education with international standards locally to the children and its major objectives include practice of the philosophy of early supports for the children, achieve excellence in an environment which celebrates diversity, promote creative and critical thinking, foster a love of learning as a lifelong process, make learning as a partnership involving students, parents, staff and the community at large and implement techniques and offer wide ranging educational tools and introduce a holistic teaching approach.

The school was established with a vision to empower students in a caring and stimulating environment to achieve their potential by pursuing personal and academic excellence so as to grow as responsible citizens. The school is committed to establish high academic standards which would help to develop the children’s linguistic, numaratic, spiritual, emotional and social skills leading to the overall development of the child.

columbus school

The highly experienced and trained teachers and staffs at the school are dedicated in imparting quality education to the children along with helping them grow at all levels. The school believes in creating a pleasant and friendly environment for the children to learn as well as develop and besides studies, it also focuses on extra-curricular activities such as sports and cultural programs providing the students with a platform for their all-round development. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, hence, understanding this proverb, the school team is dedicated in honing the leadership skills of the students by letting them host the programs themselves and it also encourages its students to participate in other competitions such as Master and Miss Little Princess, interschool competition, etc.

The school believes that every child is born a competent learner who can be resistant, capable, confident and self-assured and it is the environment that plays a vital role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning, which is why it gives emphasis to the student centered approach of teaching and learning.

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Columbus School

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Kathmandu, Nepal

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