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Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure is a trusted name in the Himalayan tourism industry which has been organizing tours and trips across four Himalayan nations that are Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India successfully. The strong, efficient and well-trained team of the company is dedicated to providing quality services to their clients who want to make their stay in the country as one of the most memorable moments in life.

The company that believes in “sustainable tourism through eco-friendly practices” is guided by the philosophy “Tourism for Development”. As the company is led by one of the activists in the development of Sustainable Tourism Development in Nepal who is also one of the promoters of Eco Trekking activities in Nepal, the company is committed to practice eco-friendly tourism approaches so that the destruction of environment could be avoided.

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An upbeat trekking agency, Explore Himalaya offers the largest range of Himalayan adventure travel itineraries for the people with any degree of experience at almost any time frame. Committed to the idea of creating extreme Mountain biking tours for the experienced bikes in Tibet and Nepal, the company gives priority to safety, quality and enjoyment to the riders. It also offers adventurous white water rafting packages that are suitable for any level of experience. Also, accompanied by jungle safari and bird watching expeditions, rafting experience in the in-lands of Nepal is a must-have experience of life. It also offers cultural tours to the old palaces and temples in these countries along with providing information about the existence and history of those artistic monuments and structures. Explore Himalayas also conducts volunteering and gap year holiday targeted to the students taking a gap year. Moreover, it also offers Everest Skydive, incentives and special events and customized special trips for yoga/meditation, photographic/filming tours, etc. and helicopter tours for aerial sightseeing of the country.

The company established with the major objective of functioning as a specialist adventure and cultural tour operator is committed and dedicated to serve the nation by paying back to its local community by fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company, as a part of its CSR, has initiated a private project named Explore Himalaya Community Service Program with the motto “Development through Tourism” which is aimed to let rural people of Nepal benefit from tourism industry. The program is intended to help the rural population through different community oriented projects.

Explore Himalaya, as its environmental responsibilities, not only avoid using firewood during camping but also discourages the trekkers from using wood-fuelled hot showers in lodges along the way. Moreover, the staff members carry all their garbage with them, apart from that which can be safely and easily burnt at the campsite. The company also ensures that all porters and other staffs going above on field are provided with adequate clothing and equipment and also provide life insurance and emergency helicopter evacuation to its staff.

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