Daily life of an ordinary Nepali family

Nepal is a developing country and the people residing here are very simple. Although there is a shortage of many basic facilities, which in most of the developed countries are taken for granted, people here manage to lead a comfortable life with whatever they have. The happy-go-lucky personality of the Nepalese is one of the major reasons for them leading a comfortable life amidst the shortage. Simple people have a simple life and so is the life of a Nepali which remains pretty much similar almost every day.

An ordinary day of an ordinary Nepali begins early in the morning at about five or six in the morning. They take bath and freshen up and sit for puja (worship). Married women and old wo/men perform longer puja than the man while some of them these days do not consider it as the first priority. After performing the pujas, the mother prepares tea and serves it to the family members. The family members after finishing their tea and breakfast involve themselves into their respective works like doing homework, reading newspaper, helping the mother in the kitchen and while she starts the preparation of the morning meal. The morning meal consists of dal (lentil soup), bhat (rice) and tarkari (vegetable) usually complimented with a spicy achar (bottled pickle) or chutney (fresh pickle). The achar is usually made up of radish or cucumber or mango and sometimes even red chilies while the chutney is made up of tomato and coriander or simply tomato. And also, sesame seed powdered pickle is common in the Nepali household.

After finishing the morning meal, the mother get into the cleaning the dishes and kitchen, the children goes to school and the father gets off to office. The grandparents are busy in their own world, if they work, they go to office else they take a walk around the area and visit people or read religious scripts. Grandmothers usually prepare batti out of cotton or make leaf plates and bowl (tapara and duna). If there is a helping hand in the family then s/he helps the mother with her household works. If the mother works outside the house then she finishes all her works before leaving for the office, doing multi task at a time washing clothes while the food is being cooked in the stove, etc. While everyone is away in their respective business, the mother cleans the house, washes clothes and prepare for their lunch. The kids usually take home-made snacks for their school lunch.

The lunch is ready by the time everyone returns home and after lunch, the children go to play for an hour or two and then come finish their homework or vice versa. The mother involves herself in preparing for dinner, which is similar to the morning meal except the fact that the vegetable prepared is different this time, the daughter, depending on her age and homework, helps her mother. The father enjoys TV until the dinner is ready and the whole family sits together to eat. After dinner, kids along with their father watch TV and the mother joins them only after finishing her kitchen work i.e. cleaning pots and kitchen. A glass of milk is usually considered as compulsion for each member of the family before going to bed as it is believed that drinking milk helps in sleeping well. They go to bed usually after 9 or 10pm. And the next morning, the same routine starts.