Galleria Café for finest Italian coffee

Officially established on Nepali New Year’s Day, Galleria Café only serves the best Italian and Nepali coffee. With the increase in the ‘coffee culture’ in Nepal, the number of coffee joints are also increasing and keeping up with the trend is the comparatively new establishment in Thamel going by the name of Galleria Café. If you want to try authentic Italian cappuccino and the rest and don’t know where to go, Galleria Café in Thamel is the place you have been looking for.

The café serves one of the best coffee brands of the world, illy, one of the most famous Italian coffee brands renowned for its aroma and rich texture. The global coffee brand has been appreciated around the world for its single blend and is made up from nine types of the finest Arabica coffee – the finest species which comes from thirteen different countries. The coffee beans are chosen with strict criteria and are grounded and roasted under expert and strict supervision to ensure rewarding quality and memorable taste for the drinkers. The café also serves fine quality Nepali coffee named Himalayan Spring Water Coffee besides serving the famous Italian illy.

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Not only the warm but also the warm ambience of the café is welcoming and while you wait for your coffee to brew, the wonderful décor of the place will keep you busy and occupied. The place gives positive vibe and presents relaxing environment with the addition of the wonderful paintings of the Buddha by renowned artist Prakash Chand Wadkar and as you walk into the lounge area, antique furniture and more paintings are presented perfectly to accompany you. The place is a wonderful combination of privacy and elegance and for those who are always occupied with work, the Wi-Fi facilities will make sure that they stay connected to their work and people.

The café was established by Jeependra Thapa, Gopal Gurung and Thinley Lama with the aim of introducing people to the real taste of coffee by serving them the finest Italian coffee. Some of the choices offered at Galleria Café are Espresso, Latte, Mocha, Ristretto, Machhiato, Americano, Con Panna and more apart from the frothy cappuccino. For further details, contact:

Galleria Café

JP Road, Thamel

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977-1-4269949