Bhimsen Thapa

Bhimsen Thapa, the hero of our country, was born in August 1975 in Gorkha District of Nepal. He became the first prime minister of Nepal during the Anglo Nepal War when Nepal was under the Rana Regime. His first encounter with the Ranas was at the age of 11 which further led to a healthy and trusting relationship between him and them. Although he belonged to the superior status families at the time, he still believed in unity and equality among all the Nepalese people, even when there was a significant discrimination from the Ranas to the ordinary and general public. His positive and a open-minded thinking even at such hard times, helped Nepal towards the path of equality.

During his positions, he has contributed a lot to the nation. He built the ever so famous Dharahara (which got demolished in the Earthquake in 2015), a 9 storied tall building through which the entire Kathmandu Valley could be viewed.

As he kept a healthy relationship between the royal families, he also used to teach the king about the progressive way through which Nepal could develop together. He had a unique personality and also kept his surroundings under his advisement towards unity.

However, things worsened when Thapa was sent to jail. His wife got arrested and rumors spread that she would be dragged naked in streets. Upon hearing this, Thapa was so much in pain that he could not bear it. Then, he committed suicide by slitting his throat by a khukuri. When news spread and got to the king, he was so angry that he did not grant Thapa any medical care. Thapa soaked on his own blood and after 9 days, finally dies at the age of 64. The date of his death is still not truly known. And as committing suicide was considered crime at the time, his body was thrown on the banks of Bishnumati river where vultures scavenged his body and fed on it. On that spot, a Shiva temple by the name Bhim-Mukteshowr was later constructed by his nephew Mathabar Singh Thapa.