Degaa, for Newari, Nepali and Indian flavors

Established in 2010, Degaa is one of the popular outlets for Newari, Nepali and Indian cuisines. Degaa, literally means ‘temple where a divine meal is worshipped’ and the place serving varieties of cuisines has kept the authenticity of its name alive.

Located at Kumaripati, the restaurant is frequently visited by the corporate crowd, shoppers and students frequenting Kumaripati’s shopping street. The authentic ambience of the place makes it different from other restaurants that focus more on contemporary interiors. The rustic design of the place is matched with the use of local materials and extensive use of earthy elements such as iron, wood and mud. The restaurant is focused on promoting local craftsmanship and local material as they believe that have their own charm and give a traditional touch.

The heavy Indian cuisine with Newari and Nepali appetizers dominate the dinner menu while its menu takes a stand for Newari and Nepali cuisines that are on the verge of losing their authenticity in Nepal itself. The major aim of Degaa is to promote local cuisines in a standard way, which it had been doing since its inception. The kitchen staff at Degaa, states that our local cuisines lack proper documentation and also the local recipes are known to a few which caused Nepali local cuisines lag behind.


The restaurant serves the day’s specialties on festivals like Yomari Punhi, Janai Purnima, Dai Chiura and Kheer for its clients. Long Island, Iced Tea, House Arrest and Hocus Pocus are its popular cocktails while Virgin, Flamingo, Mango Creamsicle and Black Bottom Special are the most ordered mocktails.

The Degaa specials like Bhutan, Pangra, Paneer Egg Chatamari and Cheese Bara listed under Newari Cuisine, while Pineapple Chicken Kebab, Mutton Mint Kebab, Paneer Prawn curry with Rice, Tandoori Fish Gulnar, Ginger Chicken Wings with Naan and mutton and Apricot Curry listed under Indian cuisines are the result of the experiment that the Chef at Degaa, Yogendra Shrestha along with his kitchen staff conducted with locally and easily available ingredients.

If you want to try out some Newari food in an authentic and charming ambience, Degaa is the place you have been looking for.