Gham Paak Achar

Among the various taste enhancing pickles in Nepal, Gham Paak Achar is one. Popularly known as Ole ko achar, it got its name as Gham Paak Achar because it is sundried/cooked rather than being cooked like most of the other achars. Made from the ole vegetable, belonging to the family of yam, this achar is one of its kinds. Made from ole, the achar is made in following way:


Ole, Jyamir (round lemon), turmeric, salt oil, mustard seed powder, Coriander seeds, cumin seeds, kalo jeera (nigella), fennel (soup), chili powder, fenugreek seeds.

grated ole pickle


First of all, peel off the outer layer of the ole and grate it. In a large mixing pan, squeeze jyamir (green round lemon) and collect its juice. Now, pour the grated ole into it and add turmeric, salt, oil, mustard seeds powder, to it. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and keep it under sun to dry it. Leave it until the juice is soaked up but it should be kept under sun only. After the lemon juice evaporates and the mixture is dried, remove it from the sun and put it in a mixing bowl. In a grinder, grind coriander, cumin, kalo jeera, mouli soup (fennel), fenugreek seeds into powder and add the powder to the ole mixture. Add some oil and mix it all thoroughly. When done, put it into an air tight bottle, compressing it and after you have filled the bottle, add some oil from the top so the achar is drowned in the oil. Serve your achar with your rice, roti or snacks of beaten rice. Because of the presence of lemon juice, the achar becomes too sour and adding adequate amount of spices will leave you “ooh-ing”.