Hama Steel

To meet the growing need for construction-grade steel and iron products in Nepal, Hama Steel was established in the year 2046 BS. Over the period of two decades, the company has been able to establish itself as one of the best industries by maintaining excellent standards by ensuring quality products. The company has also been certified with Nepal Standard mark in the year 2052 BS.

With the major objective of catering to the growing market, Hama Steel upgraded its production capacity in the year 2054 BS and it entered into a new venture of producing wires by establishing Hama Wires a year later. The mission of the company is to ensure quality, technology, commitment, authenticity, inspiration, excellence, sustainability and honesty and with these qualities as core values, Hama Steel measures itself and its business partners alike. It works in partnership with others to improve both of their businesses and it expects its business partners, clients, contractors, suppliers and others to conduct themselves with outmost fairness and honesty in all aspects of their business.

hama steel

Hama Steel envisions itself as a winning team driven by the desire to be the most efficient rolling mill and contribute to the nation’s infrastructure and plans to continue steel as its core business, however, aims to expand to businesses that add value to, strengthen and have synergy with the core.

It further upgraded its production capacity in the year 2058 BS with the passion and commitment to work hard and achieve its vision. Also certified with ISO 9001:2000, it has been able to maintain excellent quality management system that meets the international standard. It was also awarded with NS Quality Award in the year 2059 BS for its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements and satisfaction. It installed new mill in the year 2060 BS and since then, it also started the production of HAMA TMT Re-bars followed by HAMA- 500 Re-bars in the same year and also in 2062 BS. To maintain quality management, it initiated TQM Activities in the year 2064 BS and then, it created a history by pioneering the production of Super Grip Re-bars (that have unique fish bone ribs which helps in maintaining strong grip between the cement and re-bar) in the same year.

The products manufactured by Hama Steels include HAMA SG Re-bar, nails, annealed binding wires, HB wires and wire rods. The factory of Hama Steel is situated in Simra Pipra in Narayani zone.

For further details, contact:

Hama Steel
Head Office, P.O. Box: 4667
Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4261716/ 4253316
Fax: +977-1-4261686
Email: info@hamasteel.com
Website: www.hamasteel.com