Hits FM 91.2

Hits FM 91.2, a privately owned commercial FM station in Nepal that operated by Hits Nepal Private Limited went on air on April 1996. The company was established in January 1996. The FM station is on air for twenty four hours daily and has over fifty employees working for it. Established with a vision to become the best form of entertainment media in Nepal, the FM station is targeted for the middle class, above average income group and the people belonging to different age groups.


A total entertainment media, Hits FM broadcasts programs solely meant for entertainment, information and awareness. Most of its programs are musical that plays the music of almost all genres like pop, classical rock, modern rock, jazz, blues, rap/reggae/hip hop/dance, Nepali pop, rock, modern, film soundtracks, folk music, bhajans, ghazals, eastern classical music (instrumental), etc. The types of programs it broadcasts are mostly musical with information and most of them have light subjects as it avoids hard issues like political contents, economic issues or news. It probably is the only station in Nepal that does not broadcasts news, however, it broadcasts regular PSAs (Public Service Advertisements).

The presenters in the FM stations belong to the age group of twelve to forty and consist mostly of females. The major objectives of the FM station are to provide quality information and entertainment, to promote local Nepali talents, to institutionalize and strengthen FM broadcasting and to provide the best quality medium for advertising to their clients. The FM station aims to offer the highest quality sound to its listeners, to offer the largest selection of music to its listeners, to collect and shape the best human power for the broadcasting industry and to assist advertisers to get their value for money.

The FM station that goes with the tagline ‘Hits you where it matters’, Hits FM 91.2 covers the Kathmandu valley and the area close to it.