Korean Villa Everest

Located in Thamel, Korean Villa Everest has been serving the guests and customers with authentic Korean foods for over two decades now. Although the restaurant does not have an appearance which suggests anything similar to Korean culture, it serves honest Korean food. The restaurant has the capacity of 140 people with the option of dining indoor or in the yard in the open. Each table has a table-top stove that allows the diners to opt for “cook yourself food” from the menu like Samgyupsal, Dolsot Bimpim Bap among others.

The table is set with cutleries such as stainless steel chopstick and spoon once the guests are seated. One of the first items to arrive shall be one of the most popular Korean dishes that is Kim Bap. Wrapped inside green seaweed with Bap or steamed rice and veggies such as carrot, radish, green onions and cucumber along with soy sauce as the dip, Kim Bap, here, however, it does not need soy sauce, wasabi or pickled ginger and is better served alone. You can also ask for it with egg and meat.

korean villa everest

Another dish to try here is Samgyupsal, a popular Korean meat dish which alone serves the purpose of a full meal. It consists of thick pork strips (Korean style bacon) and is served with two different types of Kimchi that are rice, tofu fry, lettuce, vegetarian pancake and fried or boiled vegetables and soup. You can ask for help with the friendly staffs if you are confused by so many side dishes served here or just place the pork strips on the grill and let it cook itself as the stove will be set for you. Take them off once they get golden brown crisp on each side and then take fresh, crunchy lettuce and add a jab of Ssamjang (a thick, spicy paste) on it. Then, add a piece of garlic, green chilies and other side dishes as you wish and wrap them all up along with the slice of the cooked pork and eat as a whole. The side dishes and the pork can be eaten separately as well, however you desire.

As the Korean food is different, it might take you some time to get accustomed to it. The final dish of the course meal is Dolsot Bibim Bap which is also known as Hot Stone Rice. It is served in a hot stoneware and consists of mix of boiled veggies, meat (optional) and sunny-side up egg over the steamed rice. It also has Ssamjang and allows you to control how hot it is and quickly fry it on the stove while mixing it thoroughly. This sweet and spicy dish is one of those that you come to like instantly. If you feel uncomfortable using the chopsticks, the staffs there are always ready to bring you forks that you have grown to be familiar with. Dining at Korean Villa Everest will be much exciting and memorable with family and friends together with you to share the joy and food served to you.

For contact, call +977-1-4441593/ 4423557/ 4413471.