Kwality Food Land

Situated in Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Kwality Food Land is not so old establishment serving to the taste of the customers for past few years now. Although it is located just off the main road (ring road), the place is quiet and peaceful.

Even though the outer sitting area lacks natural lights, the fluorescents make the place bright enough. Just on the right side of the entrance (door) is a bar and to its left is a sitting area furnished with couches and tables and separated by thin plywood into a separate cabin-like area. The main sitting area is divided into two by using plywood and glass walls. A little ahead of the sitting area is the party or banquet venue, bright and airy. The top floor also consists of sitting area, a banquet hall and a conference room. Although you cannot enjoy the natural views of the landscapes on the outside (there isn’t much to watch anyway), the TV inside helps you keep away boredom until your orders are served. But it’s not like you go to the restaurants and cafes to watch the views or the television, the reason you go there is to gratify your hunger.

kwality foodland

Among the variety of menu serving from Nepali to Indian to Chinese to Continental foods, trying the Chicken Thukpa might be a safe bet. The smooth and slippery noodles drowned in the creamy broth and topped by finely sliced thin chicken pieces and vegetables tastes as good as it looks. The Chicken Kothey might seem slightly burned but doesn’t taste so bad. The Chicken Pizza, however, is high on cheese and low on chicken pieces (you would be lucky to find a couple of pieces). Nevertheless, the service here is fast and good. The place is clean and during the winters, you are served lukewarm water (without having to ask for) unlike many other eateries. Although the place is not too bright, it is not too dark either. Rather the warm and cozy interior decorated in orange and black lets you relax. The compound of the restaurant has a space used as a wide parking area and also the space outside the main entrance of the restaurant serves as a parking lot for your personal vehicle.