Libraries in Nepal

Though the world is changing in a speedy way in terms of technology, reading books is still in fashion. People from different background enjoy reading books and want to lose themselves inside it. There are varieties of book to read such as fiction, romance, political and the list go on. Understanding the needs of reading book, various libraries have opened up in Nepal. Some of them are:

AWON Library

AWON library is located opposite to Hotel Himalaya in Kupondole and has been there for more than four decades. The library which is run by Active Women of Nepal (AWON) has opened in order to meet the demand of people for reading varieties of book. AWON depends upon public donation of book and others publication. The spacious library has a little corner for children’s books, also non-fiction books and many magazines are found in first level of library whereas in third section there are mostly frictions. In AWON, the member of the library has the facility to check out up to five books for three weeks.

libraries in nepal

Kathmandu Valley Public Library

Kathmandu Valley Public Library started functioning from July of 2005 and is situated in BhrikutiMandap. The library which contain more than 50-80000 books, reports bulletins and teaching materials also provide membership facilities. Books in this library are mainly donated by various groups and organization.

Nepal National Library

Established by the government, Nepal National Library located at Harihar Bhawan, Pulchowk, has produced series of publications and ancient handwritten texts in printed form. The library includes English, Nepali, Hindi and Sanskrit titles along with periodicals, maps and photographs, audio and visual materials, micro-films, reports and also children’s book and digital library are available here.

Nepal Bharat Library

Established in 1956, Nepal Bharat Library is situated within Nepal Airlines Corporation Building in Sundhara. The library which subscribes to all major Indian and Nepali newspaper and magazines have more than 62000 books including Indian History, economy, politics, culture, science and so on. It also has a large collection of Hindi books and responsible number of Nepali book.

The American Library

The American Library, formally known as the American Library of the American embassy, is located inside American embassy in Maharajgunj. The library have approximately 6000 books along with DVD’s on international relations, economics, arts and humanities and US society classification of books is made according to Dewey Decimal classification. It also has America and related subjects along with directories, encyclopedia, periodicals, etc.

Hence, if you want a break from the movies and internet and grab up a book or two for reading, these libraries might come in handy.