Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal

Establishment in 1993, in memory of the great visionary leaders late Madan Bhandari, Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal is a non-profit making social organization. The academy was established with a vision of providing educational excellence, technical education for employment promotion, Gurukul’s ideal/disciplined and committed human resources, Madan Bhandari‘s philosophy of “overall transformation/Samagra Pariwartan” through technical education and vocational training. Established with the mission of being committed to the poor and DAGs for providing quality and employable technical and vocational skills for their gainful livelihood, the academy has been awarded by the CTEVT as an excellent technical institute in Nepal.

The academy aims to establish a creative and civilized society by motivating unemployed women, dalit and socially marginalized people in Nepal and to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Nepal through technical education and diversified skill based vocational training.

madan bhandari memorial academy

The major objectives of the academy are to create employment opportunity through skill based technical education and vocational training to the rural youths and adults, product competent technicians in various skills as per the demand in the national and international job market, facilitate awareness programs like environment and social transformation and development, establish Madan Bhandari Memorial Community Hospital for teaching-learning opportunity and efficient medical services to the local people, establish scholarship and study loan scheme for poor and disadvantaged people and produce competent group of people suitable for higher technical education in Nepal and abroad.

The Academy provides a wide range of technical education and vocational training focusing the market needs, most of them being affiliated to CTEVT (Centre for Technical Education and Vocational Training). It also focuses on providing scholarships to poor and needy, however, due to lack of sufficient funding, it has plans of launching scholarship scheme, work study scheme and study loan scheme in collaboration with NPC, Ministry of Education, CTEVT and other potential partners/donors.

The academy provides academic programs on Health (CMA-15 month, ANM-18 months, PCL Nursing-3 years and Health Assistant-3 years) and Agriculture and Animal science (Dip. in Ag.-3 years and Vet. JTA for 15 month) with the enrollment capacity of 40 student in each of the program.

The skill based vocational program provided by Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal are: village animal health worker (VAHW), village agriculture development assistant, community health awareness raising, bamboo production, processing and marketing, house wiring and electronics, plumbing, off season vegetable production and marketing and entrepreneurship development. It has acquired 11.5 hectors of land at three different locations in Jhapa and has three RCC buildings with 25 rooms. For further detail, contact:

Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal

Urlabari-6, Manglabare

Morang, Nepal

P.O. Box: 15105, Kathmandu

Phone: 021-540023/540592/540092

Kathmandu: 01-4462478

Fax: 021-540023