Memorial Park in Hetauda

Built in 2051 B.S. Sahid Smarak in Hetauda, is a memorial park to the martyr who gave up their life for the sake of the country. It is more like a memorial park-cum-fun park-com-zoo that lies some two kilometers west of the main Hetauda Bazaar.

The park contains a memorial stone with the faces of 13 martyrs carved in it. It also has a small memorial garden for Madan Bhandari. It is a refreshment center as well, with swimming pool and ferries wheel. In addition, it is a zoo that accommodates animals like deer, leopard, guinea, crocodile, tortoise and rabbits. The wide area is surrounded by trees especially Saal and Salla. The path that goes through the park is stone-paved. The sides are paved with grass and offers as a sitting area. Different species of shrubs outline the park and also presence of palm trees can be seen. Some benches around the park allow the visitors to relax under the shade and enjoy the view. Two towers (one already built and another under construction) let the spectator enjoy the view and take photos.

It has a temple at the top of the hill towards the west. It also offers picnic spots. It is a great place for enjoying with your friends and family at minimum cost. The charges are not high and the entry fee for elder is Rs 20 while students get 50% discount. Also the charge for a still camera is Rs 10 while movie camera is little more depending upon the purpose of the use (personal or movie making). One has to pay a little extra for picnic as an environment protection charge.

Beside the beautiful gardens to take photos in, it also has stone statues of different cartoon characters’ body (without head) where you could put your head and take photos paying a charge of Rs 10. Hence, it is a great place to enjoy with your dear ones when you visit Hetauda next time.