Folk Songs of Nepal

Nepalese folk songs hold a great significance in our country. They are sung for various occasions, festivals, event, reties and other many rituals. They are traditional songs that are typical for a particular community in our country.

These folk songs are sung in local tunes, with or without instruments. Such songs hold a very expressive values because each and every fold song express joy, sorrow, love, complaint, unity or separation. Such folk songs are sung for different occasions such as childbirth, marriage, festivals, paddy plantation, bratabandha and so on. For instance, teej songs are sung at Teej, Bhailo songs are sung on the day of Laxmi Puja in Tihar, Asare songs and Barahmasha at paddy plantation and sun songs at Chhath.

In Nepal, different ethnic communities have their own folk songs with respect to their traditions and cultural backgrounds. Such as: Chandi songs among Rais, Palam songs among the Limbus, Teej songs among the Hindus, Syabru songs among the Sherpas, Selo songs among the Tamangs, Kaura songs among the Magars and Karkha songs among the Gandharvas.

Similarly, there are particulars songs which are sung in particular places as well. Hakpare is sung in the eastern part of Nepal, Deuda in Doti and Hor, Salhes, Karikh and Jhijhiya in Mithila. Sucha songs are called Dohori geet (Duets).

Below is the list of different important folk songs in Nepal.

  1. Tamang Selo (children’s Song)
  2. Jhyaurey Geet ( Sung during festivals and Jatras)
  3. Teej song ( Sung by Hindu women during the day of Teej)
  4. Purweli songs( Sung during regional festivals)
  5. Terai’s Holi song (sung during Holi)
  6. Palam song ( sung by Limbu community during Dhannanch)
  7. Deuda Geet ( sung in the Mid-West and Far- West)