Momos, Nepal’s Stuffed Dumplings

If you are in Nepal, do tease your taste buds with momos, a delicacy of Nepal and Tibet.

There are different varieties of momos, such as fried and steamed momos. Momos are usually served with a dipping sauce normally consisting of tomatoes as the base ingredient. Numerous variations can be made from momos. Momo soup is a dish that has steamed momos immersed in a meat broth. Momos that are pan fried after steaming first are known as kothey momos. Momos can also be deep fried without steaming. These are some of the most common items served in Tibetan and Nepalese restaurants.

Momos are made with a simple flour and water. The dough—white flour is generally preferred, and sometimes a little yeast or baking soda is added to give a better texture to the finished product. The filling may be one of the several mixtures:

Meat: Different kinds of meat fillings are popular in different regions. In Nepal, however, chicken, goat meat, buffalo meat used by Newars of Kathmandu. Minced meat is combined with any or all of the following: onions/shallots, garlic, ginger and cilantro/coriander. Some people also add finely puréed tomatoes and soya sauce.

Vegetables: Finely chopped cabbage and potatoes are used.

Cheese: Usually fresh cheese is used. This variety is common in upper Nepal.

Snickers or Mars Bar: Momos of this kind( with chocolate fills..yumm) are mostly sold in tourist areas of Nepal.

The dough is fashioned into small circular flat pieces. The filling is then enclosed either in a round pocket or in a half moon shape or crescent. The dumplings are then cooked by steaming over boiling water, which is then served with the tomato sauce.