Interesting facts about Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country, sandwiched between the two powerful nations of India and China. Although small and poor in size and economy, Nepal is rich in terms of cultural, linguistic, religious, ethnic and natural diversity. The diverse culture, religion and ethnicity although make it prone to cultural wars, there is unity in diversity in Nepal. Nepal is rich in terms of natural, cultural and religious heritages and is the land of some of the prominent and bravest people of the world. This proud land of Gurkhas not only gave birth to the brave and courageous people but to the calm and peaceful Buddha. The color and the signs in the Nepali Flag signify the two distinct natures of Nepali people that are: courageous and peaceful.

This land of myths and legends is rich in terms of cultural and religious celebrations where people from different cultural and religious background celebrate various festivals almost all year round. Nepal offers many aspects and subjects for studies and is also a land of experiment. It is a heaven for the social scientists with its rich social, religious and cultural assets.

Some facts about Nepal that one needs to know are listed below:

1. Nepal is the land of world’s highest mountain- Mount Everest (8848m).

2. Nepal has the world’s deepest river gorge – Kali Gandaki River’s Gorge.

3. Birthplace of Gautam Buddha is in Nepal – Lumbini.

4. The Nepali flag is the only non-rectangular flag in the world.

5. Nepal is the best place in the world to study Tibetan Buddha.

6. The idols and the temples in the capital city Kathmandu is more or less equal to the men and houses in it.

7. A hotel in Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park at an altitude of 3870m is claimed to be the highest hotel in the world – Hotel Everest View.

Nepal has always been the land for tourists and travelers around the world and tourism has been one of the major sources of national income in Nepal. The rich cultural assets of Nepal have attracted many travelers to this land and many renowned travel writers have recognized Nepal in their own way. Some titles given to Nepal by various famous travel writers are as follows:

1. Nepal is recognized as ‘Living Cultural Museum’.

2. It has also been called ‘Shangri-La’.

3. It is also known as ‘Roof of the World’.

4. It is known as ‘The Birth place of Lord Buddha the apostle of Peace’.

5. Nepal is a ‘Country of Living Goddess’.

6. City of Golden Pagodas and Parasols.

7. It is the ‘Land of Mysticism and Exoticism’.

8. Nepal is the ‘Land of Festivals’.