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Established with the mission of providing world-class, customized travel services and resources that will encourage an ongoing relationship with their clients and repeat visits to the wonderful country of Nepal, Nepal Travels is a United States, Canada and Nepal based full service travel agency. Committed to provide the most competitive fares and unmatched customer services for the trips to and from Nepal (especially to the Nepali studying or living in North America), the agency serves the travel needs serves the travel needs of not only Nepalese but also American, Canadian and other travelers around the world.

The Kathmandu office of the company, located in Durbar Marg, is fully facilitated with latest technologies to meet all the travel needs of the clients and is also open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for the convenience of the customers. The agency has also been providing travel services outside Nepal, especially in North America assisting the clients on their business as well as pleasure trips to Nepal. Be it conference or trek to the Himalayas, Nepal Travels can handle it all, from airline ticketing to hotel reservation to planning your trips and treks. All you need to do is to visit them, online or in person and explain your desires.

nepal travels

The agency can serve as a helping hand or plan the entire trip for you based on your desire, time and budget. The agency handles your flight ticketing to and from Nepal while allowing you to choose the airlines that you desire to take and with more than fifteen flights to choose from, you are sure to get a good flight at minimum fare. It also offers hotel reservations in the luxury hotels that fits in your budget, across the country and could plan trips to various touristic destinations of the country according to your interest.

Some of the activities and packages offered by Nepal Travels are paragliding, bungy jumping, wildlife safari, rafting, skydiving, short jaunt in Annapurna, Annapurna Foothill trek, Everest Base Camp trek, Ghorepani trek, The Around Annapurna trek and Glimpse of Nepal. For details of the agency and tour and service packages, log on to