Pashupati Higher Secondary School

Established with the mission of promoting high quality higher secondary level education to the students in the region, Pashupati Higher Secondary School is one of the few higher secondary schools of Bajura district of Nepal. The school located at Brahamtole VDC of the district aims to provide quality education to contribute in achieving the national goal of Nepal by producing competent, qualified and skilled human resources. Established in the year 2024 BS, Pashupati Higher Secondary School is the first high school of the district aiming to meet the demand of educated human resources of the district.

The school with its team of qualified and experienced teaching and administrative staffs dedicated to provide quality education with the aim of producing highly qualified and competent human resource in the field of education and management has been successful to create a reputation for itself among the reputed schools of the district. The school has been dedicated to meet its goal and objectives since its establishment.

pashupati schoolPromoted and operated by highly qualified and competent teachers and administrative staffs, the school operates its classes at its attractive buildings, well decorated and well managed classrooms where discipline is of high priority and the students are expected to follow the rules and regulations with sincerity. The school provides enough water supplies to the students so they do not have to bother about getting thirsty and distracted while pursuing their studies. The school has an extensive well stocked library that contains numerous course books, reference books, story books, magazines and other reading materials to help the students with their academic studies as well as to help them develop reading habits. Also, the library attempts to keep them occupied during their leisure and off periods so that they would utilize their free time to gain knowledge even when they are not inside their classroom.

The school also has well equipped and fully functional laboratories where they could perform various experiments and test their hypothesis. These laboratories are intended to encourage the students apply practically the theories they have learned inside the classroom. Pashupati Higher Secondary School also provides the facility of separate hostels to both girls and boys close to the school where they are guided by experienced and disciplined hostel warden and in-charge.

Along with providing quality education to the students, the school also encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities like sports, cultural programs, etc. in order to help them with their overall development.

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Pashupati Higher Secondary School
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