Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS)

Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS) is an autonomous non – profitable public Health Science University established in 2064 B.S. Recognized by Parliament of Nepal, the University is located near Lagankhel Bus park in Lalitpur making it accessible to the students living inside and outside of the Kathmandu. The University mainly focuses on carrying out health services to the people in the rural and remote areas of Nepal so as to facilitate them with health facilities in order to reduce mortality.

PAHS is dedicated to sustained improvement of health status of people of Nepal, especially those who are poor, backward and living in rural or remote areas, through innovation, equity and excellence in educational services and research. It aims to work with national health system to produce technically competent and socially responsible health care personnel making them work in those rural areas and providing the professional support. While working there, PAHS is currently running the MBBS program which has adopted modern methods of teaching with highly experienced and dedicated faculty members.

patan academy of health science

PAHS has been providing scholarships seats as well, which, however, is only targeted to the people who belong to the remote areas and have completed SLC in government schools while there are partial scholarships to both government and private schools student, collaborative scholarships under the collaboration of local government body and full – paying seats to both public and private schools students. For enrollment, the students need to pass through tough entrance examination where the different modern tests have been adopted like PQA test, NACE test, Mojac test and PCI test.

In order to achieve its goal, PAHS has presented innovative strategy in medical education, especially in areas of student selection, curriculum, teaching – learning methodology, student assessment, faculty recruitment and community engagement. As Patan Academy of Health Science focuses on remote or rural people and inspires its graduates to serve there, it provides multi – pronged approach including enrollment of students of remote areas, training them with emphasis on community health sciences and exposing them to rural health care institutions. It is mandatory for the graduates under scholarships, partial scholarship and collaborative scholarship to serve people of remote areas.

Thus, with a variety of innovative strategies, PAHS help students to become the doctors who will be able to address the health facilities to rural areas and it aspires to produce knowledgeable, skillful, caring, competent and compassionate doctor in near future. For further details, contact:

Patan Academy of Health Science

Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel: +977-01-5545153

Fax: +977-01-5545114