Pork Curry with Iskus

Nepal is diversified country when it comes to culture and ethnicity. People from every walks of have their own distinct flavors and cuisines and also the meat they prefer varies. People from the communities like Rai, Limbu, etc. do prefer pork meat than others.

Here is one of the many ways to make Pork Curry. In this recipe, however, pork is cooked together with iskus (chayote squash).


1 kg pork cut into medium size cubes

4 medium size chayote squash (iskus) cut into big chunky pieces (four chunks of one iskus)

2 large finely diced onions (or you could also make paste of it)

7 cloves finely chopped garlic

2 tsp ginger paste

3 medium finely diced tomatoes

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp chili powder

Salt to taste


First of all, take a pressure cooker and add pork meat to it. Then, add chopped onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes over it. Now, sprinkle chili powder, turmeric and salt on top of it and then add a cup of water.

Cover the cooker and cook for about ten minutes until the meat become tender. Then, switch off the gas and release the steam from the cooker and open it. The gravy will look watery, now add the chunks of iskus to the meat and mix thoroughly. Again, cover the cooker and pressure cook the meat for next ten minutes. Do not add water.

After that, switch off the gas but do not remove the lead until the steam goes away itself. When that happens, open the cooker and mix iskus gently so that the pieces do not become mushy. Your Pork Curry is ready to serve hot with plain rice.

You don’t need to add oil while cooking pork as it is cooked in its own fat.