Salsa Dance Academy Nepal

Even if most of the people try to ignore it, it is a fact that everyone, at least at some point of their life time, wants to dance. Dancing is simply a way of expressing yourself (because you feel while you dance) which has been standardized and categorized into various different genres. Classical, zumba, hip hop, kathak, Latin and salsa are some of the popular forms of dances practiced in Nepal as well as the world. Although it is an expression of your emotions and feeling through gestures, not everyone can dance.

Some are good at dancing while others can barely manage to take few steps before they give up. Dancing is also one of the best ways to relieve tension and stress as it helps you just the way exercising does. Although no one can be a born dancer, and only few of them exists, they can become a trained dancers. It depends upon the flexibility of your body and determination on your side which could help you become a good dancer, if not best, with some practice and patience. Many professional home tutors as well as institutions are always there to help you but the problem lay in the selection of one of the best.

Salsa dance Academy

Well, if you are interested in dancing and if you want to learn salsa, then Nepal Salsa Dance Academy would be the best place to drop by. Situated at Bhat Bhateni, the dance academy offers classes on various types of dance forms like Kathak, Hiphop, Bollywood, Modern Jazz, Ballet Dance and Zumba with specialization in Salsa and Latin dances. Zumba and Pilates are meant for adults while for kids, they have kathak and freestyle.

Salsa Dance Academy was established in 2004 at Babar Mahal Revisited and later in 2007, it was established at Bhat Bhateni, above the Roadhouse Café. They also have a branch in Jawalakhel at Nirvana Wellness Center (Shaligram Apartments). Being one of its kinds in Nepal, Salsa Dance Academy has gained much popularity in short period of time because of the quality services and various genres it offers to the dance students in Nepal.

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