Simple shop with Unique Job, Attsh

Following its tagline ‘Simple shop with Unique Job’, Attsh (Art Transfer Tee-Shirt House) has been successful to captivate the young generation with a multitude of attractive and witty words, design and quality fabrics. Attsh was established as a tee-shirt printing service in 1999 and over the time, it has become successful to gain recognition as a tee-shirt printing as well as manufacturing brand. It also provides other sports-wear like jerseys, track-suits, sweaters and windcheaters.

attshAlthough the company is a joint effort of four Shahi brothers, the initiators were Bijay and Umesh Jung Shahi. The brothers being fond of tee-shirts with innovative designs started their own venture in the field. The director of Attsh, Umesh Jung Shahi and his brothers were motivated by the fine tee-shirt printing they witnessed in Bangkok in 1998. Their venture started when the eldest brother brought the printing machine from Korea and they were to make prints for all the tee-shirts for the Nepali team for SAF games in 1999. Since then, the eldest sibling has been handling designing and production of Attsh products.

Since 2002, the company with the tagline ‘Simple Shop with Unique Job’ started manufacturing tee-shirts in Nepal as plain tees were not available in country and they had to import it from Bangkok. The products of Attsh have created niche market because of its eye-catching designs and superior quality. Shahi, a law graduate, was always focused on the business since its inception and proudly claims to print design with the finest details that no one else could in the domestic market. To ensure the quality of the products, every piece in the process of production along with final products goes through thorough checking.

Including the export to countries like Switzerland, Netherland, Japan, Australia, US, UK and Canada, the annual sales of Attsh exceeds 50,000 units. It is the dedication and team work of all four brothers that has led to the success in the business. Computer coating film print or rubber print, dye sublimation print, screen print etc. are some of their service offers. The brand has two showrooms in Kathmandu, one at Jawalakhel and the other at Tripureswor. Although the customers have freedom to design prints on the tee-shirts, it is costly and the price is also determined by the number of prints ordered. The company also supports various clubs through their products (by providing garments or the printing services) as a part of their corporate Social responsibility Campaign.

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