State Educational Consultancy Private Limited

Established with a mission of providing appropriate information and guidance and counseling to student and guardians into the most renowned educational institutions in UK, Australia, Canada and Portugal, State Educational Consultancy Private Limited was established by a group of professionals to serve the purpose of the students.

state educational consultancy

It aims to assist the students in choosing right study and career options for them. It provides first hand information in the prospectus of abroad study, opportunities for new student, focuses on assisting the student through the entire application process, provides relevant and reliable information to the students making them aware them of the limitations they might have in terms of finance, personal, academic, etc. It also guides the students in collecting required documents for the university of their choice and also with the legal document required by the government to issue student visa. It also promotes abroad study in Nepal to make students aware of the opportunities they might miss due to lack of proper knowledge. State Educational Consultancy Private Limited also holds liaison with the concerned embassies, assistance with travel arrangement finding a suitable accommodation and job placement. It also provides the student Test Preparation classes for those who needs to give the test like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT II, GRE and GMAT along with running foreign language classes that are conducted by well experienced and professional instructors.

It provides assistance to the students who aspire to study in USA, Australia, Ireland, Japan, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, Cyprus and Canada. It also assists them for applying for the resident permits in the countries of Europe. Not only assistance in applying and visa processing but State Education Consultancy also provides the Test Preparation courses for some of the popular tests an international student needs to pass for applying for abroad studies like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT.