The Tibetan Suite at Hotel Yak and Yeti

The Tibetan Suite at Hotel Yak and Yeti truly reflects the Tibetan culture as the entire architecture of the suite is based on Tibetan Style. The intricate designs, the impressive art work and most of all the hospitality will charm anyone willing to stay. This suite built and opened in 1984 is one of the best suites which saw different celebrities enjoying their stay here and the man behind the suite was Chairman of the hotel, Radhe Shyam Saraf.

The Tibetan suite prepared by Saraf is unique as it has its own cultural identity. With the aim of providing harmony, best hospitality and luxury to the visitors, he has given special care to the small things. The decoration and the interior design are flawless which provide a soothing atmosphere and pleasant décor. The Tibetan suite features a grand master bedroom, adjoining twin, grand style bathroom, and shower. The comfortable and spacious living rooms leading to a roof top area with a garden that provides dramatic views of Himalayan range and brilliant green valleys. It also has a spacious bathroom which reflects the age-old tradition.

yak and yeti

The Tibetan suite is a uniquely designed suite that pays tributes to the Tibetan art and architecture, décor and ambience. Fabrics of the cushions are all imported that give a warm and cozy feelings. The museum like showcase of suite features the hand-crafted furniture that reflect age – old tradition, each piece designed with walls wrapped in bright silk, framed by bold wood carvings and engraved copper plating, the unique culture of Tibet.

With the Tibetan art, culture and traditional design and architecture, this suite is one of the best with a cost of around US$ 700 plus tax per night. According to the Chairman, Tibetan style of furnishing provides luxurious feeling, happiness and peace. It is the place one should stay mostly to experience Tibetan culture and the positive effect of it.