Til ko laddu

One of the most essential sweets required during the festival of Maghe Sangrati that falls on the first day of Nepali month of Magh, Til ko laddu (sesame sweet balls) are tasty as well as healthy food item. These are also used for the worship on this day and early in the morning on that day, til ko laddu is eaten. Usually made on the day prior to the festival, sesame laddus are not very difficult to make. Here is the process of making til ko laddu:


Til (sesame seeds), gudh (brown sugar), grated ginger, ground black pepper and dry fruits powder (optional).

til laddu


First of all, before stating the process, soak the sesame seeds for an hour and wash them. Then, put it into the khal (traditional grinder) and thump it with bachha for few minutes. Now, put it over a cloth the under sun to dry it and squash it with hands in every twenty minutes. This will remove the cover and leave behind, white layer of sesame seeds.

When the seeds dry, winnow it and check if stone or anything else is found in it. After that, heat a pan and roast the seeds until all of the seeds starts to crackle. Now, for making gudhko paak, heat the brown sugar in a pan with little hot water and let it melt. Then add the ground pepper and grated ginger, and if you wish to, you could also add dry fruits powder into the roasted sesame. After the paak is ready, pour it over the roasted sesame and start giving shape of the laddus. Do not pour it all at once as the laddus are to be made while the paak is still hot. Once, you give them shape, your til ko laddus are ready to be served.