Something about Udaypur district

Udaypur district is located in the eastern region of Nepal and has its headquarters in Gaighat. One of the famous places in Udaypur is the temple of Indreshwor Mahadev which is situated 1 km north of its headquarters. This temple is considered to be as important as Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu and unlike in Pashupatinath temple, Non-Hindus are also allowed to enter and worship in the temple.

Located at the confluence on three rivers, Kamala, Tawa and Dudhauli in Udaypur district, Trivenidham (meeting point of three rivers) is thronged with devotees especially on the occasion of Makar (Maghe) Sankrati (first day of Nepali month of Magh) every year when a large fair is organized that lasts for about three weeks. Another water resource with religious importance in Gaighat is the Rautaha Pokhari which is situated at the height of about 2000 ft above the sea level. Although the pond is surrounded by evergreen tall forest, not a single leaf is found dropped in the water as the birds are always seen to take away the leaves fallen on its surface. The pond is regarded as having religious significance, especially among those Hindus who follow animism.


The district covering an area of 2272 sq km in the eastern region of Nepal is pre-dominated by Nepali, Maithalli, Rai, Magar, Tamang, Newari, Danuwar, Sunuwar, Sherpa, Gurung, Limbu, Tharu, Satar communities and culture. Some of the major rivers in the district are Trijuga, Tawa, Baijunath, Bahandura, Risku and Kakura with major tourist attractions in the district being Gaighat, Udaypur Gad, Chaudandigad, Katai Beltar, Tribeni, Rautaha and Murkuchi Lakes, Rautahako, Suke Pokhari, Manedanda, Khuwake, Chhatang, Batase and Sidhya.

The district is facilitated with transportation, communication, health and clinical facilities and although no airports are found in the district, it is easily accessible via bus services from many parts of the country.