Warm and welcoming eatery

Located inside the lane next to the Adidas outlet in Kumaripati, Bagaicha is a beautiful and warm restaurant spread across a two-story casual dining space, a segregated fine dining area, an outdoor space for drinks and barbecue and a huge parking lot.

The place is good if you want to go for a lunch or dinner as the variety here serves the purpose. However disappointing the spelling errors in the menu might seem, the taste of the cuisines covers it all. From variety of cuisines offered here like Indian, Mughlai to some extent, Chinese, Thai and Continental, choosing chicken 65 and/or chicken wantons as an appetizer won’t be regretted. The chicken 65 is perfectly balanced in terms of hot, sour and sweet taste with the slightly crunchy and luscious chicken pieces flavor with dried spices and fresh herbs. The mild and juicy wantons had minimal spices and herbs. However, the bubbles on the wrap make it look more like fried momo.

bagaicha cafe

For the vegetarians going there, ordering Katti rolls might be a good idea and it is served with semi-sweet sauce base and wonderfully mixture of diced veggies that makes your money count. Although many of the cuisines serve well to credit this new establishment, there are some which might seem as a blunder, usually in case of the Afghani cuisines. Nevertheless, the place serves wonderful and delicious curry (to be combined with rice) and soup.

Like any other new establishment, Bagaicha might seem to have some flaws in the menu (including too many options instead of specializing in few) but it is worth a visit. The wide, friendly and warm ambiance of the place feels great when you want to enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner with your friends and family. Make sure to carry at least two thousand rupees if you are going for a meal for two people (excluding drinks).