Araniko Development Bank Limited

Update: The bank has been acquired by Century Bank Limited.

Registered on 27th Magh, 2062 BS, Araniko Development Bank Limited was registered under the Company Ordinance 2062 BS and started its operation from Ashadh 22, 2063 BS., after obtaining license on Ashadh 16, 2063 BS from Nepal Rastra Bank. Promoted by renowned industrialist, businessmen, lawyers, bankers, professionals, etc., the bank is headed by a team of energetic professionals having extensive banking experience. Araniko Development Bank Limited is also the first development bank in Dhulikhel which is promoted by private sector. From Chaitra 2, 2064 BS, the bank commenced its operation from Panauti as the first private bank.

After registering Panauti as its first branch office, the bank opened its second branch office at Kamalamai municipality starting its operation from there from December 24, 2008 AD. The bank has, since then, continued to extend its branches on other parts of the country as well.

araniko development bank

The bank that was established with the vision of making a lot of contribution in the development of under developed as well as rural sector of Nepal, as a financial institution, carries the mission of catering the financial services especially to the needy urban as well as rural people of Nepal with innovative service schemes. Araniko Development Bank Limited aims to extend financial services in a way that reflects the actual needs of people existing in urban as well as rural Nepal. It believes that well tailored innovative financial solutions can lead the needy people in the path of prosperity. The dedicated, energetic and responsive staff members of the bank are fully equipped to provide high response to local people, business houses, farmers and other parties willing to receive services from the bank.

In order to fulfill its objectives, the bank has brought various innovative products on offer. The free deposit and withdrawal of money under the Current Deposit scheme of the bank enables the account holders to deposit and withdraw any amount of money in no time. The Call Deposit enables the account holders to deposit and withdraw any amount whenever they wish to do so, however, under this scheme, the account holders can enjoy high interest rates. As the name suggest, Corporate Deposit scheme is targeted especially for the corporate who would like to have a saving account. The Saving Deposit scheme of the bank is designed to meet the requirements of those account holders who are interested in having maximum benefits of their savings. The schemes offers high interest rates and under this schemes there are various sub schemes such as Araniko Super Saving, Naari Bachat Khata, Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata, Student Saving, Sunaulo Bachat, Normal Saving, Araniko Saving, Juneli Saving and Shareholder Saving. The bank also offers one year and two or more than two years Fixed Deposit scheme with high interest rates. The loans that the bank provides to its customers are Housing Loan, Industrial Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Share Loan, Education Loan, Small Business Loan, Overdraft Loan, Personal Loan, Consumer Loan, Loan on Fixed Deposit and other loans. Besides these products, the bank also offers services such as Bank Guarantee (Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Guarantee and Financial Guarantee), advanced banking facilities, experienced and responsive staff members, hassle free processing, locker deposit facility, transferred money withdrawal and foreign exchange. Although the bank always works to satisfy the financial needs of the customers, it prioritizes Job Promotion Schemes, Infrastructural Development Schemes, Societal Development Schemes and Income Generation Schemes.