Bakeries for artistic cakes

Who doesn’t love cakes? There probably isn’t a soul who doesn’t like to indulge themselves in this guilty pleasure. No matter how weight conscious one is or what health problem one have, cakes sure have a way of pulling people to it forgetting all about the reasons. From child to old people, rare are those who do not want a piece of it when they see the wonderfully displayed creamy and chocolaty confectionary.

Although baking a cake seems like an easy task for few, many do not have the talent and ideas required for it. Even a small amount of ingredient gone wrong could spoil the whole item. However, the numerous bakers and bakery outlets around the town offers you almost all the variety and flavors of cakes that you require and it is a well known fact. But, what many do not know is that you can now order special cakes for special occasions, at some of the bakeries around Kathmandu that has been serving its customers for few years now. And by special, I mean something worth spending your hard earned money on to make your loved ones happy and feel exceptional. These personalized and custom-made cakes are not just confectionaries that we usually find at the bakeries but are exceptional works of art which are made according to your preference where you not only get to choose the size and flavor but also the design of the cake.


Ever watched the beautiful custom-made cakes on the televisions and internet and wondered if you could get one of those for special occasions here in Kathmandu? Well, for those want cakes with a personal touch can go to any one of the following bakeries along with their ideas and designs and see their imagination coming true. Here are the few bakeries of the town where some of the talented specialists work to give life to your imagination:

Baker’s Den

Situated at Bhatbhateni opposite to the Bhat Bhateni Super Market, Baker’s Den was initially established as a small bakery near the Russian embassy few years ago. The new spacious and bright outlet opposite the supermarket attracts the people with the wonderful selection of cakes and confectionaries. The owner, Rome Ghimire is passionate about making cakes and his passion comes alive as the bakery could make pretty much anything whether it is two/three/four tier cakes or children’s animation themes (take a design that you wanted to make from the internet or take a picture of the person you want the cake for). The famous item, however, are blueberry cheesecake and tiramisu (which is made only when mascarpone is available). Most of their ingredients are imported apart from the basic items. Baker’s Den exists to give existence to your imagination. The price ranges from Rs 400 t0 2400 per pound depending upon the design and size of the cakes. For details, call at +977-1-4416560.

danish swirls
Danish Swirls

Located at Lazimpat near Hotel Gangjong, Danish Swirls was established by Shirley Bredal (a native of Denmark) who loved baking since she was twelve years old. With her training and experience in cake decoration and fondant work, the bakery provides unique service to the cake lovers in the valley. The bakery specializes in cupcakes, cake top poppers and cake push-ups along with offering conventional shaped cakes. The Push up cakes are layered cakey goods with icing inside a plastic push up tube while the cake top poppers are rounds of cake dipped in chocolate and eaten on a stick. The bakery provides customized cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc. and the good thing about the place is that it also plans to give classes on cake baking, decoration and fondant work. For details, contact 9802013704.

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

Specializing in classic and impeccable cakes is the bakery of the Hyatt Hotel in Kathmandu. Overseen by the Chef de cuisine, Anil Man Gubhaju, the bakery offers some of the wonderful cakes which not only tastes but also looks beautiful. Their most popular choices are chocolate, pineapple and Florida cakes along with Black Forest cake which, however, is available seasonally. The bakery makes sure to use fresh ingredients whether is it found locally or imported specially. So, before you place your order, make sure to give them a week head start for importing the ingredients. Whether it is multiple tier cakes or cartoon characters, the specialized professionals baking here makes your imagination come true with their skills and experience. The prices of the cakes range from Rs 800 to Rs 1150 per kilo. For details, call at +977-1-4491234.

cake at hyatt

Hermann Helmers

Situated at Pulchowk, Hermann Helmers have been in the town since 1978. The place offers delicious bread, pastries and other baked items along with ice cream roll cakes. However, you could also place orders one or two days prior to the delivery if you want personalized cakes. The most famous flavors are Blueberry along with cappuccino and black forest. For those who wants fruit cakes, apricot, peach, pear and mango provides varied options. The bakery offers variety of choices for cakes priced between Rs 500 and Rs 1000 per kilo and has recently started taking orders for small sized cakes for Rs 300. Hermann Helmers caters to your individual needs for special occasion such as weddings, birthday or other such events when it comes to delivering cakes. For details, call at +977-1-5524900.