Bakeries in Rajbiraj

Sunita Bakery and Krishna Pauroti Udhyog are the only bakeries that are found in the small town of Rajbiraj in Saptari district. From cookies to doughnut and pastries to cake every item can be found in these two bakeries.

Krishna Pauroti Udhyog, located behind the Central Development Office (CDO), Rajbiraj-6, claims to provide quality bakery items at cheap prices. Bakery items are produced in its own factory which is located at the same (their own) house where the bakery shop is. Since, the items are cheap people Krishna Pauroti is quite popular. As the name suggest, Krishna Pauroti is famous for its bread items rather than for its other items such as cake, pastries, etc. But it does make cake as per the requirement and order of customers.

bakery in rjbj

Sunita Bakery is situated on the way to Rajdevi temple. Like Krishna Pauroti Udhyog, Sunita bakery, too, serves the bakery items to the general people as well as the other people of Rajbiraj. Almost all the bakery items can be found in Sunita Bakery. It also supplies breads to the local market of Rajbiraj. Just like the Krishna Pauroti, it also has its factory set up inside its house building which is near to its bakery shop. It is one of the well-known bakery shops of Rajbiraj where most of the people of the town could be seen browsing through the bakery items on display. It also takes order for cakes meant for special occasions or otherwise.

Between the two Bakery shops, Sunita Bakery is has grown to become more popular among the people of the town and making most of the people forget about the other existing bakery in Rajbiraj. However, the place where both the bakery shops are located is quite polluted area, so in terms of cleanliness of surroundings both shops seem quite unimpressive. Nevertheless, these two are the only bakery shops found in Rajbiraj catering to the need of bakery items of the customers.