Kathmandu Institute of Nepali Language

Language is a very important requirement for conversation. In order to understand or even express yourself to someone, you must first learn their language. When someone desires to outside their country for further studies or work, they tend to learn the language of the place they are going to visit, beforehand. In Nepal, as well, the students or the workers who aspires to abroad for study or work enroll in language classes before they apply for their visas. Numerous language teaching centers across the country offers courses on different languages targeted especially to those who aspires to go abroad. But what about those foreign nationalities who come to Nepal for a long stay on work or as a transfer students?


Targeted specially to those foreign visitors coming to Nepal as volunteers or temporary residents, Kathmandu Institute of Nepali Language has been offering Nepali language classes for many years now. Located conveniently at Thamel, the most popular tourist hub in Kathmandu, the institute offers courses such as basic conversation, special course and advance course in Nepali language. If you are visiting Nepal for the first time and want to learn the language so that your stay here would be more convenient and comfortable, pay a visit to Kathmandu Institute of Nepali Language. Whether you need to learn Nepali for short introductions or depth study, Kathmandu Institute of Nepali Language offers the courses as per your requirements and desires.

In order to encourage the learners and make the class effective, the institute also gives the students structured home work so that they would be able to learn and use the new language quickly. Written and oral tests are conducted in order to measure the progress the students make. The classes last from one week to one year depending upon the type of course. One of the best aspects of Kathmandu Institute of Nepali Language is that it can arrange the classes at the student’s office as well and provide many other facilities to them along with taking them for field work conversation at every end of the month. It also provides free stationeries and some course materials to the students.

The classes can be taken as individual tuition, group classes for 2-4 persons, group discussion or classes taken at the office of the student (for which extra cost might be charged). The classes are structured as Very Basic Conversation that lasts for a week, Basic Conversation lasting four weeks, Special Course that lasts for twelve weeks and Advance Course which lasts for twenty four weeks.

For further details, contact:

Kathmandu Institute of Nepali Language
Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4437454
Mobile: +977-9841698631
Email: sudharai@mail.com.np, munnarai@live.com
Website: www.ktmnepalilanguage.com