Gorkha FM 93 MHz

Registered under the Registration Act-2032, Gorkha FM 93 MHz is run by British Gurkha servicemen. With the slogan “आफ्नोपन आफ्नै पहिचान सबल नेपाल हाम्रो आभियान” (Ownness, Own identity, Prosperous Nepal, Our Campaign”), Gorkha FM 93 MHz promote and advocate the shared goals of people from all walks of life.

Moreover, this network connects various government and non-government organizations and Gurkha Community operating or supposed to be operated in Nepal and abroad to build prosperous Nepal.

As the name goes by, it spreads the gallantry, plight and success stories of Ex-British Gurkha servicemen. However, it aims to advocate the interest, especially the rights and interest of Gurkha community.

Located at Anamnagar, Kathmandu-32, it had been established with the capital of ten million rupees with the participation of ten persons and ten different organizations. However, it has provision of involving up to fifty shareholders and is depended on the revenue collected from the advertisements.

Broadcasting talk programs on current political situation, healthcare, beauty, finance, etc are its key features. It also broadcast Vox pop to circulate public opinion on current political and social issues. It airs all genres of songs with special emphasizes on Nepali Hindi, hip-hops, rock. It is inclusive when it comes to languages of the songs, airing regional songs like Maithili, Bhojpuri, Gurung, Tamang, Newari, etc. The airing of songs is administered from a well-equipped digital system that saves time and effort securing the quality of music as well.

Gorkha FM has hourly news broadcast from 5:45 am to 12 Midnight. The uniqueness of Gorkha FM lies on the news broadcasting till 12 midnight. Half-an-hour bulletin are broadcasted at 5:30am/pm, 9am/pm,11am/pm and 12 noon/midnight other hourly bulletins are only of 2-3 minutes depending upon the news updates.

The station is inclusive in terms of appointing its staff from different socio-cultural and regional background. Among the 40 staff members, 13 are in the program department, 6 in the news department and 5 in the technical department.

This station is run by the British Gurkha Media Network. Although it does not have any other branch offices, it covers 25/26 districts from the central station.

Its official website is www.gorkhafm.com