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Working persistently in designing and developing animated interactive audio visual educational materials like MiDas Edukit for more than a decade now, MiDas Education Private Limited, a unit of MiDas Group, aims to create a more scientific, vibrant and smooth learning atmosphere. It has been working unwaveringly towards bringing more modern, scientific and customized ICT products to encourage education to empower the teachers as well as the students.

With the major theme of ‘Be Capable, Be Confident”, MiDas Education has come up with the innovative idea of MiDas eCLASS with also attempts to give continuity to its rich legacy as a maker of advanced and imaging educational tools. Designed with the motive of creating interest and passion in students towards education, MiDas’s digital tools have been successful to enhance the quality and efficiency of teaching and learning by making the class more interesting and learning more enjoyable.

A Nepal Government curriculum based digital content of MiDas Education Private Limited, MiDas eCLASS is committed towards transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology. The highly animated and interactive visuals aim to help the students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts which make learning an enjoyable experience for the students along with making them improve their academic standards. Moreover, it also enables the teachers to assess and evaluate the learning achieved by the students instantly.


The graphics, pictures and diagrams used in MiDas eCLASS allows the students to visualize the concept much better than static images or oral instruction which greatly improves their learning. At the same time, the teachers also get relevant digital resources which would help them develop their lesson plan in computer using these contents. This enables the classroom to be with customized software, projection systems, PCs and UPS. Determined to restructure the entire educational paradigm of the country, it plans to do so by empowering teachers and students. Focused towards reorienting the conventional patter of teaching and learning through meaningful use of animated audio visual contents developed as per the school curriculum, MiDas eCLASS understands the use of digital audio visual alone cannot ensure to deliver best possible education and to ensure that it does, it provides necessary tools and procedures for the schools along with constancy supervising and monitoring the classrooms to ensure whether the system is working properly or not.

Equipped to enable concerned officials to assess and evaluate the improvement in the teaching ability of the teachers and learning capacity of the students, MiDas eCLASS package is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate teachers in meeting with their day to day classroom challenges and improving students’ academic performance with the use of technology in a simple, practical and meaningful way. The audio visual contents of MiDas eCLASS also comes as an alternative to field visits and laboratory activities. Understanding the students’ and children’s love and interest towards animated movies and computer games, MiDas eCLASS has used similar techniques and technologies to make learning an engaging and exciting experience for the students. Moreover, the exercises offered by it are also in computer games format which will encourage the students to exercise their academic assignments with internet and fun. With the major objective of making the students learn better through a variety of multisensory experiences, including hands-on activities, discussions, debates, creative and critical thinking activities, collaborative research, field trips and multimedia and unique blend of innovative classroom and outdoor activities, MiDas Class aims to gain uniformity in class teaching, better understanding of concept, empowerment of both teachers and students, more interaction in class and quick assessment and course completion in time and it has been successful to achieve it as well.


Among the various advantages of MiDas eCLASS, some of them are improvement in teaching and learning effectiveness and productivity in classrooms, bringing abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms, enhancing academic cognition and performance of students, making learning an exciting and fun-filled experience for students, giving flexibility to teacher to decided their pace of teaching and cost effective and simple installation procedure enabling better academic results among others.

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