Breakfree Adventures Private Limited

Established with the commitment of providing their clients with a safe and eco-friendly trekking experience in the Himalayas and the surrounding, Breakfree Adventures Private Limited provides all travel and adventure activities through its company. Keeping in mind the need of environmental and ecological balance and the importance of preserving them, the company has adopted the approaches which cause less or no destruction to the natural environment of the place while travelling or trekking.

The employees at Breakfree Adventures are required to undertake KEEP, ACAP, TAAT, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and IPPG courses on sustainability so that they could practice the methods prescribed to keep the environmental impact of their clients and guides to minimum and also handle the problems and difficulties arising during tours and treks. In order to protect the environment and cause minimum impact to it, the company encourages its in-field staffs and clients to use only refillable bottles instead of using plastic bottles, use low-impact transportation such as walking, cycling and public transportation whenever possible, refrain from using extraneous paper products to reduce trekking refuse, buy local organic foods and produce instead of purchasing imported items and leave nothing behind and carry all their garbage themselves.

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The company gives ten percent of its proceeds to its affiliate volunteer organizations and also some of its clients have contributed and benefitted from the volunteer programs in Himalayan region. Certified by the Government of Nepal as a travel and trekking company, it is registered with the Ministry of Tourism, Nepal Government and is also an active member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). The well trained and experienced staff members at the company are committed to provide their clients with a safe and eco friendly trekking experience in the Himalayas and surrounding regions.

Breakfree Adventures Private Limited offers services and adventure activities such as trekking, tours, climbing, pony trek, bungy jumping, mountain biking, rafting, jungle safaris, paragliding, etc. in sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of travel. With the belief that their clients should be able to have the experience of a lifetime on their terms, the company brings forward its itineraries designed with years of experience and skills. It not only offers varieties of options to choose from but also lets you design your own travel plan that fits into your specific needs and budget. Committed to customer satisfaction and cost efficiency, the company presents itself as your ultimate travel partner.

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Breakfree Adventures Company
PO Box 23354, Kathmandu, Nepal