Destination Sundarijal

Sundarijal is one of the coolest places in Nepal where one can have wild thrill and trekking experience. Situated just 25 kilometers away from the Old Buspark in Kathmandu, Sundarijal can be accessed through direct bus services from Kathmandu. From the bus stop in Sundarijal, a climb up hill through the stairs that leads to the Shivapuri National Park could be made. The park serves as a popular tourist and holiday destination for the national as well as international tourists in Kathmandu who needs a break from the hectic schedule and pollution of the city.

The place is named as Sundarijal after a river which serves as the main source of attraction for the people here. This river has done many carvings on the stone which is a popular sight to see here. The place also enshrines the Sundarimai Temple at the side of river, to where, during the jatras, people walk barefoot from Pashupatinath to collect the holy water from river and again back to Pashupatinath to offer it to Shiva Lingas. This tradition is believed to be practiced for seeking forgiveness for all the sins done by the worshippers.


Beside this religious importance, the place provides a beautiful view of Kathmandu valley and the presence of lots of water falls in this place adds more to its beauty. The water which is supplied to the Kathmandu valley for drinking purpose is originated from here and the place also has a small hydropower project. The river, dense forest, waterfalls, stone carvings, the temple, etc. are the sites of major attraction in Sundarijal.

It also serves as a trekking route for various places and most of the trekking starts from here as well, the shortest one being to Chisapani, another beautiful tourist place closer to it. One could also plan a trek to Gosaikunda, a place of religious importance. The waterfalls provide a good place for swimming in the natural pools and also, one could come on a day out or picnic with friends and families to Sundarijal. With the natural scenic beauty it provides, the religious heritage and the cultural experiences, Sundarijal is considered as one of the most popular tourist and holiday destinations close to the Kathmandu valley.