Mysterious Devis Falls

Patale Chhango or Hell’s Falls in Pokhara has accumulated many different names over the years. It is also known as Devi’s Falls, David’s Falls, Devin Falls and Devis Falls. The name might take on different forms, but the sight remains the same. It is an area that is known for its beauty and tranquility, and the legend of the Devis Falls adds a touch of mystery and adventure to this sight.

The water that feeds the Devis Falls comes from the Fewa Lake, which follows a rocky stream and then rushes down to the waterfall. The water ultimately disappears after a hide-and-seek for 5 long kilometers.

As with most legends that are connected to sights in Nepal and around the world, the story related to the Falls has been retold so many times, that the correct tale has been lost. One of the versions tells of a trekker or hiker that went by the name of Devis. The unfortunate hiker was swept away suddenly by the water and carried down into the underground passages and caves that run below the waterfall. The other tells the story of a Mrs Devis, a Swiss tourist in Nepal, who was swimming in the Fewa Lake. The dam unexpectedly started to overflow. Devi’s husband helplessly looked on while the water swept his wife down the waterfall. This version took place on 31st July 1961 and the body of Mrs Devis was never recovered.

The best time to view this spectacular sight is during the monsoon season when there is a high rainfall. During this period, the water runs and plunges over rocks and through gorges, giving visitors a breathtaking show.