National Integrated College

Situated at Dillibazaar, Kathmandu, National Integrated College, popularly known as NIC has been providing education to the students for over a decade now. Established with an objective of making their students equally competitive as compared to other institution, NIC provides a suitable learning environment which fulfils the needs of every student.

The college was started with a vision of becoming an outstanding centre of knowledge and academic excellence producing bright and brilliant graduates from all economic and social groups in ever demanding disciplines that are on high demand from private, corporate and government sectors within Nepal and beyond. The fully facilitated college also has private schools as its sister organizations.

The dedicated professional academicians, managers and qualified faculty members aspire to provide quality education to the students. The college also has renowned professors from various disciplines on advisory board who helps in transferring the vision to reality.


The main mission of the college is to help the students learn to set definite goals, nurture their abilities, thereby brining out the best in them and helping them to develop a true sense of confidence. There are also the facilities of scholarships and other supports provided to the less fortunate but talented students in order to produce bright and brilliant graduates from all economic and social groups.

Instilling a real zest and creativity in the students, inculcating a positive attitude and respect for discipline, cultivating a humanistic approach featured by interpersonal relationship, enabling the students to apply skills in problem hunting, analysis and making decision so that they learn to be self-reliant, developing a professional level of presentational writing and communication skills, developing the necessary foundation for higher studies and preparing the students to embark on a new career are the major aims of National Integrated College. The college offers higher secondary level courses on science, management and humanities with affiliation to Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB).