Olympia World School

The first school to introduce Educomp’s Smart Class in Nepal, Olympia World School believes in making their students competitive in the world so that they can be able to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. Tara Lal Shrestha (PhD), the Principal of the school, believes in quality education and socio-cultural values to its students for enhancing their integrated development. The well trained teachers and staffs at the school help the students enhance their skills and abilities.

The school that abides by the motto ‘Nobody is number but a name in Olympia’ envisions providing opportunities to the students to enhance their knowledge and hone their skills to help them strive towards realizing their dreams. Its mission statement is to develop the overall personality of the student to help them cope up in ever changing world of 21st century and to provide the nation with bonafide human resource.

olympia world school

The school provides the students with the facility of using the computer and science labs from primary level and facilitates them with one senior and one assistant teacher in each class. The teachers are provided with in-house teacher trainer to prepare them for the kind of teaching that the school envisions.  The school provides every kind of teaching activity to enable students to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills. The school also conducts weekly teacher-principal meetings and divides the entire school academic year into two semesters along with continuous assessment system.

Olympia World School offers additional language classes and also dramatization of the content is done to make the students understand the courses easily. Besides academic activities, the school also carries out non-academic activity CAS – Creative, Action and Service. It facilitates the students with different musical, sports events, creative workshops, dance, field visits, picnics, trekking, etc. to enhance their creativity and talent. The school also provides door-to-door pick up and drop services to the students on request and also counseling services. The school also provides scholarships to the deserving students. All in all, Olympia World School understands that every student has a dream, so it strives to provide them with opportunities to achieve their dreams.