Osho Tapoban

Almost everyone in the world knows Osho, the free man. His principles too, are known to many. There must be thousands of his followers scattered all over the world. A few thousand live in Nepal and together, they’ve built a heavenly place in the Nagarjun hills just ten kilometres away from the centre of Kathmandu city. So for Osho fans and those who are in search of some greenery not that far from the valley, here’s a short tour guide that might be of some help.

The place where Tapoban is built is called Osho itself. As mentioned above, it is placed in the Nagarjun hills in a place where a Buddhist seeker, Nagarjun received enlightment. We can take a taxi to the place and even local vehicles’ll take us there. However, I personally suggest walking from Balaju towards Nagarjuna because the road is clean, pitched, maintained, almost vehicle free. And the trees on both sides guard the road in such a way that the sun in his highest power cannot penetrate the shady shield. Even the slowest of beings can reach there in one and a half hour approximately, so why miss the chance?

After we arrive in a place called Mudkhu and even before it, people with maroon gowns can be seen. These people are the Osho followers who live there. The ashram is just 5 minutes from Mudkhu. Then, we have to buy tickets at the entrance and just after climbing down a few stairs, one gets the idea how beautiful the place is.

There are Osho’s quotes placed everywhere. Each one has equal depth, common sense and beauty in it. However, my favourite one is- “The question is not when you die. The question is did you actually live before dying.” The more you go inside the place, the more you’ll want to think. That’s why people come to meditate here I guess. So thinking and pondering deep into one’s thoughts, we can see a beautiful garden where anyone can perch freely. We can even go inside the meditation hall if a peace of mind is necessary  while the more intense ones should certainly move inwards through an entrance adorned with flowers and take part in the samadhis or the silent meditations held everyday. One cannot talk once they go inside the place. Fear of silence stopped me from going in, but people who go inside do love whatever happens in there. Similarly, there’s a newly constructed Silence Temple of the Shivapuri Baba for meditating in silence.

Just beneath the garden is a small waterfall which though simple, projects force as well as serenity through it. Monkeys can be seen in the forest who, shockingly, are less naughty and more thoughtful(surely the Osho effect). There’s a natural looking bridge which leads to the other part of the place where people can have their own private time. Families can sit together and eat, explorers can explore, friends can laugh and couples can have a really good time in there. It is a totally free place!

This is all I know about the place though for people to whom this place means something will definitely see a small version of heaven in it. It’s not a place for partying and picnicking, but for those who are seeking nirvana in their life will definitely get it there. Though it doesn’t mean that it is totally boring. Just walking in the Nagarjun hills will determine the entertainment one’ll have. I hence conclude by saying that this place is worth going to.