Daalpithi is a snack, sometimes also consumed as an alternative dinner, made especially in the Terai region of Nepal or in the places that has the residence of Madhesi community. Made with daal (lentil) and wheat flour as the key ingredients, daalpithi is also a healthy food item as it consists of the nutritious values of lentil.

Mostly, chana daal or rahar daal is used for the dish. Although the process of making daalpithi might seem lengthy, it is quite an easy process. The process of making daalpithi is given below:


1 kg daal (lentil)

250 gm wheat flour

1 tbsp ghee (clarified butter)

A pinch of jimmu

Salt to taste

1 tbsp jeera (cumin seeds)

Fresh lemon juice

1/8 turmeric



First of all, take a pressure cooker, add daal, water, salt, turmeric and a little ghee press it to cook daal. When the daal is cooked, make sure it is thick. Now, take a mixing bowl and knead the flour into soft dough. When the dough is ready, flatten it and cut into the shapes of nimki. Do not turn the heat off of daal and let it cook over low heat. Then, put the flour pieces (pithis) into the daal and let it cook. When the pithis are cooked, heat a pan, add ghee to it and splatter cumin seeds and jimmu to it. Then, pour it over the daal. This process is known as ‘daal jhannu’ is said to enhance the taste and flavor of otherwise dull daal. When it is done, season it with freshlemon juice and serve it hot.