Honacha, serving Newari food for sixty years

Serving the same delicious Newari food for over sixty years now, this old, dark and almost dingy place popularly known as Honacha is a little gem laying and serving its customers for six decades now. This small place is one thing that you might easily miss while you pass through the broad and wide courtyards of the Patan Durbar Squares but the aroma of the delicacies being prepared inside the kitchen will definitely attract you to this little place cramped just behind the famous Krishna temple.

However, there are two reasons why you might hesitate to go their time and again. First of all, you cannot find seats and even if you did, they are not comfortable, at least not like any other restaurants have and the second thing is that sometimes, the food that you desperately wanted to have runs out and you might have to return with your stomach growling. Nevertheless, these conditions do not stop Honacha’s regular customers to visit there again and again. And of course, food does not run out every day, it only happens when the place is packed with customers and when the business is at its peak. Nevertheless, someone who is in love with the Newari food will be automatically pulled inside the place with the aroma of the delicacies being prepared.

Another branch of this local joint is present just around the corner opposite to the Bhimsenthan temple. These two local joints, run by brothers, serves everything made from buffalo meat – chwela, kachila, bhuttan, sukuti and almost every organ from the animal. Well, the vegetarians might not have wanted to go to the place if they did not have these spicy potatoes in gravy, especially with a bara (lentil pancake). The baras or wohs are cooked on tawa girdle that is never empty throughout the day and one can order three types of baras, plain, egg (andabara) or mixed (with minced buff meat). The place offers one of the best baras in town it is the taste of the bara that pulls you towards the place whether you find a seat or not.

So, if you ever want to try a typical Newari food or bara of any kind, don’t forget to check this place out.