Malpuwa in Holi

Malpuwa is an especial delicacy prepared especially during the festival of Holi, festival of colors. It is made of wheat flour and is a type of deep fried pancake. Usually in the Terai and most of the hill areas in Nepal, Malpuwa is an essential cuisine made on the occasion of Holi. The process of making malpuwa is quite different than making other pancakes. The recipe and the process of making it is given below:


Wheat flour, rice flour, sugar, coconut, date, cashew, almond, cardamom, milk, oil for deep frying and water as required.



First of all, take a large mixing bowl and pour wheat flour into it. Add a little rice flour but if you are making it for worship or holy offerings, then it is better not to include rice flour. Now, take a food processor and grind coconut, cardamom, cashew, date and almond into powder. Then, add the dry fruits powder and sugar according to your taste to the wheat flour. Add a cup or two cups (as required) of milk and a little water to the flour and prepare the batter for the pancake. Leave it or about one and half hours before starting to cook. After that, heat oil in a deep frying pan and when the oil is heated, pour the handful of batter into it and deep fry it. If the batter has been left for more than an hour to marinade, then the malpuwas will be puffed. Fry it over medium heat but not too low. serve it hot with pickles of your choice or curried and gravy vegetables.