Saakha Steel Company

Established in the year 1995, Saakha Steel Company is one of the many business ventures of the Saakha Group involved in the production of steels. One of the leading steel industries in Nepal, Saakha Steel factory is a located in Simara Industrial Belt, Birjung. Saakha Steel was initiated in order to meet the growing demand for steel in the region as well as the country as a whole.

The company has taken up measures to ensure increase in its production capacity so that it could supply adequate amount of steel to meet the growing demand of the market. Saakha Group is one of the leading manufacturers and traders of superior quality products and services that are designed to meet all international standards. Almost all the major private and public project in the region uses the products manufactured by the group making it an active presence in the domestic market.

sakhaa steel

The company uses modernized and technologically advanced plants to produce world class TMT products as well as its TOR Steel production. The plant spread over an area of 1400,000 sq feet, adjacent to 72,0000 sq feet plot reserved for further developments employs over five hundred people who run the mills on a 2 shift system. The company ensures quality service and products from the very phase of taking orders to shipping the products. The company uses high quality raw materials to process and produce its steel products ensuring the quality and standard of the manufactured goods. During and even after the production of the products, inspections of the products are conducted throughout to ensure that the product meets the customer requirement.

The company that has established a Quality Control Laboratories equipped with the latest testing and analytical instruments and computerized testing machines to check the quality of the products, ensures uniform quality to satisfy all local and international requirements. One of the important and basic aspects of the Saakha Steel Company is that it uses clean raw materials for its production process and unlike scrap based steel plants that face problems of emission of heavy metal and toxic chemical, Saakha Steel factory is environment friendly and causes fewer hazards to the environment. For further details, log on to