Capital FM 92.4Mhz

Capital FM Pvt. Ltd. that was established 6 years ago works for the entire advertising world of electronic media. This is why Capital has its slogan as “Cent percent yours”. Located in Baneshwor Height, Kathmandu, Capital FM 92.4 Mhz is a media privately owned by a group of five enthusiasts under the name Malikarjun FM Pvt. Ltd.

The FM is interested in presenting itself as tourist, development, news/information, consumer and entertainment guide.

The program contents of Capital FM are especially informative with the information related to art, culture, traditions and human behaviors, physical and non-physical assets all in Nepal. They are designed and produced in a way that they could be relevant to all the surfers around the world, however, Nepalese orientated programs are fostered. It also broadcast Shaja Sawal incorporation with BBC WST from 9-10pm every Sunday.

It broadcast news and current affairs at 6 am until 7am and later at 6pm to 7pm, Capital Today is broadcasted. Beside these, only once at 9am, a 15 minute bulletin namely Capital Khabar is broadcasted.

The station employees 49 staffs where, 7 are in technical department, 15 in program, 12 in news and 8 in marketing department.

Although it does not have any other branch, it could be tuned in to and as an online radio. It is broadcasted in 20 districts from its head office in Kathmandu. It generates funds from the revenue collected from the advertisements and Government Aids.

The official website of Capital FM is: