Sakela Academy

Located at Koteshwor, Sakela Academy is situated in clean, safe and quiet place near SOS Children Village, Koteshwor in Kathmandu. With spacious and bright classrooms, library with video equipment, a playground with varieties of playing things, homely environment and a good supply of Montessori learning materials, the Pre-School provides quality education to the children from playgroup to grade twelve.

The pre-school follows the Montessori methods of education which is based on observation of children’s needs in a variety of cultures all around the world. Based on the understanding of children’s natural learning tendencies, they focus on development of the body and mind of the child. The school education is based on the idea of freedom for the children within a carefully planned and structured environment. With a belief that each child is unique individual who has the potentiality to be the best, the school create supportive, caring and loving environment to help children develop their skills. The school attempts to fill the days of the students with fun and meaningful activities which will encourage and cultivate their interest in learning new things and understanding the world around them.

sakela school

School is like a second home to the children as they spend most of their time there apart from their home. Also, the teachers are like second parents and at Sakela Academy, the teachers understands this and treats their children in the same manner. The school established with the objective of preparing a stimulating environment where their students are acknowledged, appreciated and encouraged to take initiative to explore their own potentiality and expose their hidden talents makes sure that their children receive proper education along with learning moral values and ethics. The school believes that the children should be imparted with moral values since childhood so that it helps them become a better person in future. Hence, with the belief, the school attempts to impart values to the children along with appreciating and encouraging them to develop their hidden talents and potential.

For details, contact:
Sakela Academy
Koteshwor- 35, (Near SOS Children Village Koteshwor)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4601679