The Spa Scene in Nepal

Human mind and body deserves a rejuvenating experience after going through hours of stress and hard labor. It is essential that you need to take a break, every now and then, to give your body and mind time to renew its energy and freshness. For providing you with this treatment and pampering your body for good, numerous spa centers around Nepal provides various services from body massage to manicures, pedicures, facials, hair treatments, etc. at affordable prices.

There was a time when massages were limited to old people, new born babies and nursing mothers or else, your neighborhood barber would give you a massage while you are there for your monthly haircut. Besides that, massage was not taken positively and usually the brothels were considered as massage parlors, however, the definition of getting body massage has changed along with time. Along with the start of spa culture in Kathmandu, a new dimension had been added to the term body massage.

spa in nepal

The multiple spas established in almost every neighborhood offer various therapies and service that are affordable to almost every group of population. And although there are some spas that has nothing more than two bed establishments and provide quick services at affordable prices, there are others that specializes in variety of services like manicures, pedicures, facials, hair treatments and many more along with body massage.

These days, the people going to spas consists of the young and trendy generations who are informed about the advantages and types of massages and who demand that the people working in these spas be clean, professional and well-trained. Getting a massage not only helps your body but also your soul. A good massage improves blood circulation leading to a feeling of renewal. It helps our body and mind relax after hours of hard labor and stress. Various spas around Nepal helps you get these services at affordable prices.