Triveni Bikas Bank Limited

Update: The bank merged into Janata Bank Nepal Limited in 2017.

A regional level development bank, Triveni Bikas Bank Limited is promoted by highly outstanding business personalities/groups, professor, doctor and reputed individuals of that region who have excelled in their field of business/profession with very good honor, experience and social standings.

The bank is considered to be a new generation private sector development bank and is preferred banking services provider across three districts with its eight branches. The bank was established with the vision of being an independent entity that carries out its tasks in the public interest and with a high sense of professional responsibility. The bank as a local bank prefers price stability promoting local economic growth and it operates effectively in a professional manner ensuring high quality, risk management and business continuity along with being a reliable cooperation partner.

triveni bikas bank

The bank has recently launched several value added initiatives with the intention of becoming one of the Regional preferred and profitable private sector banks providing a comprehensive group of products for its valued customers.

The bank gives priority and value to its employees by maintaining safe and healthy working environment and the essential preconditions for successful operation of the bank are employee motivation, creative approach and responsibility. Orientation towards service quality and result, use of high technologies and corporate government principles, teamwork and maintaining favorable working environment, professionalism by showing quality performance of tasks, meeting the deadlines, taking the initiative, ability to indentify drawbacks, inform about them or correct them, ability and willingness to admit one’s mistakes and correct them, application of the principles of best practice, ability to be prudent and risk-appraising when making decisions, ability to safeguard information and willingness to acquire knowledge and ability to be flexible regarding changes are some of the basic principles that the bank values the most along with having an ethical attitude towards work and colleagues by maintaining intelligence in mutual relationships, honesty, good fellowship and respectful attitude and behaviors and no discrimination on the basis of nationality, gender, religion and opinions.

Some of the products that Triveni Bikas Bank Limited has on offer are Normal Saving, Nari Saving, Nari Special Saving, Special Saving, Current Account, Call Account, Senior Citizen Saving, Children Saving, Nari Udhami Saving, Gautam Buddha Saving, Student Saving and Staff Saving under its deposit saving schemes and Business/Trading Loan, Deprived Sector Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Agriculture Loan, Housing Loan, Personal Loan and other Loans under its loan schemes. Besides these, other services that the bank offers are ABBS, Mobile/SMS, ATM/Cards, Remittance and Cheque Clearing services. The bank provides its services through its eight branch offices throughout the region.

The bank first merged with Public Development Bank Limited and Bright Development Bank Limited in 2015 and later merged into Janata Bank Nepal Limited in 2017.