United School

The junior wing of United Education Foundation, United School operates classes from playgroup to SLC. Established in the year 2000 AD, the school has adopted a creative curriculum to ensure overall development of students in their formative years. The trained educators use modern tools and up-to-date teaching materials to impart quality education to the students with the objective of making them meet the demand of the society.

Guided by a long term mission of equipping the students with the preliminary skills and knowledge which they require to cope with the challenges of higher education and real life situations, the school emphasizes on using modern methods of education along with a traditional and value based methods. The school strives to make the students excel in their respective chosen fields in future without forgetting their traditional base so that they would be familiar with the unique and rich culture of the country they are born in and learn to appreciate that no matter how high they reach.

United School aims to create an environment in which the children truly realize and utilize their abilities, become responsible for their own learning both in academic and actual world, help students develop their self-confidence and values that shape their future, help them develop true appreciation for their unique environment and heritage and encourage them to apply a scientific approach in handling real life situations.


Realizing that the cultural diversity of the students shows unity and diversity which should be kept intact and promoted as an ideal, the school offers rich mix of modernity and tradition as its students prepare for colleges and career. The school is committed to complete its mission with explanation, demonstration, imitation and practice of its values and commitments.

The school operates its child development center named United Child Development Center with focus on the sensory training with the objective of facilitating parents and staff members with the childcare facility. It has also created a children’s play station which comprises of adequate playing and merry making facilities to refresh and rejuvenate students of pre-school and classes one and two. The well equipped science laboratory of the school lets the students perform practical experiments and with the objective of developing interest and reducing fear of students from math, it has also set up a well equipped math lab. The school also has a multi media library with internet facilities where all the necessary text and reference books, audio visual materials and CD ROMs are available. The computer classes let the students put into practical the theories they have learned in their classrooms.

Besides these, the school also has a mini-museum which houses a rich variety of items commonly found in traditional Nepali society such as Narsingha, Halo, etc. that are intended to help the students develop an understanding of rich tradition and culture of their country. The art and craft center helps the students to appreciate and create arts of others and their own. The mini zoo of the school helps the students get familiar with various species of animals and birds. The school also has an infirmary where the medical emergencies of the students are taken care of. United School also offers transportation, hostel accommodation and day boarder facilities to the students along with providing clean and hygienic cafeteria to cater to their dietary needs. For further details, please log on to www.united.edu.np.