Doshi Chasma by BP Koirala

Doshi Chasma is a wonderful novel written by BP Koirala (Bishweshwor Prasad Koirala), a famous Nepali literary figure as well as the former Prime Minister of Nepal (also the first Prime Minister of Democratic Nepal). The book explores the psychological aspect of its protagonist.

The protagonist in the story goes to visit a Rana General, known as Jar Saheb (as they were called during the time) every morning to salute him (known as chakari, back then it was common for the locals to visit the Ranas for chakari). One morning, however, when he got there and was waiting for the Lord’s arrival, he did not see the Lord’s carriage pass by because of his faulty glasses (Doshi Chasma which also gives the title to the story). When he realizes what happened, it was too late and the general had already gone past him. He was scared he missed to salute the General which probably had made him angry and even when he got out of there, he kept thinking about his mistake over and over.

Doshi Chasma

He could not even apologize to the Lord that day as he could only see him next morning when he was supposed to go for Chakari. Throughout his way back home, he is disturbed with the thought and the story moves deeper into his psychological state he is in because of that circumstantial mistake he made. Even after he went home, he remains disturbed with the thought and lost in his thoughts, he does not even notice his wife talking to him.

The environment of the story is also set in the way to match the situation. For example, turmoil in his heart, the heaviness matches with the smoke coming from the kitchen, representing the burning of his heart due to guilt by burning of the vegetables cooked.

The story is wonderful presentation of human psychology, the field of expertise for BP Koirala, in Nepali literature. The language used is simple, yet related to the language and is more or less similar to the language used during that period. It also shows the condition of the people and their situations during the Rana Reigm.